Saturday, May 23, 2009

101st post!

who knew?

liam has been very busy learning new words, singing new songs and making his first trip to the ER. he was limping tuesday night, still limping wednesday morning, so i took him in. they xrayed his leg, and he's just fine. whew! he was an excellent patient though!

the wait for #2 is so different from our first wait, when i started this. i'm still, anxious, but for completely different reasons. but we still wait.....

it's hard to believe that 2 yrs ago this weekend we got the call that liam was on his way. at 5am sat. morning of memorial day weekend, our phone rang. by that evening, we were in another city with liam settled in in the NICU, still intubated. we were SO thankful for the ronald mcdonald house. liam's picture is supposed to be in their next newsletter. waiting to see it!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


we are on our first out of state vacation! while we miss our dogs, we know they are having fun with their new best friend who is staying with them.

liam has become an expert on all things beach. he has his shovel and digs in the sand. he knows the water is called the ocean, and we've finally convinced him that the beach of full of sand, not dirt. we got to ride a bus yesterday, which was also terribly exciting.

liam is having a great time with his grandparents too. he pawpaw bought him a kite, which was not overly successful at the beach, but liam didn't mind.
our printed portfolios are now at the agency, so we are completely ready to go. just waiting. and waiting.

Friday, April 17, 2009

spring is finally here!

still very busy. liam had his first non-check up visit to the pediatrician. he had periorbital cellulitis, which ended up being not too big of a deal (at the 24 hr check up, we were told we could have been on our way to the hospital.) but the augmentin was almost worse - severe tummy problems then a horrible amoxicillin rash! only my child would get such a thing.

the new portfolio is FINALLY finished. the printer didn't have the little bindy thingees (which you would think they would have plenty of.) but the portfolio has been done for a little while, so we have been available online for about 2 weeks now. maybe 3. we've already had 2 "excitements," one of which we didn't get because we live in the "wrong" state and the other because the situation is too unstable at this point. oh, and our other excitement is that the state lost my fingerprints. the hwy patrol and the FBI has seen them, but our agency has not. bill's got through with no problem. go figure.

liam is really starting to enjoy school. he talks non-stop about his friend emma. he, actually, just talks non-stop. he loves to label things - mom's car, dad's truck, liffey's ball.

we went to the baseball game with grandma, grandpa and puh-la (his favorite friend paula.) his grandpa gave him a glove and he talks about it all the time. he also talks about running the bases after the game.

we also had fun at our first flyball tournament of the year in oklahoma. plenty of space to run around for liam! and he had his friend puh-la and beth in the camper too, so that was an added bonus.

looking forward to a laid back weekend....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

xmas picture and more news

as i've found out that there are at least 2 of you reading this :) i thought i'd post a new picture. this is one i took of liam at xmas time for the card. the evil grin is definitely fitting.

we've been busy around here. we went to the magic house with our friends a few weeks ago. liam had a great time. we went to his friends harper and jackson's first birthday party. that was lots of fun too. yesterday we went to the mardi gras parade. liam got a lot of beads!

our other news is that we are adopting again. we have resigned with our agency (see blinkie to the right.) we are waiting for the portfolio to be finished. we picked the cover design yesterday. hopefully the rest will fall into place quickly as this is the only thing holding us up from being shown to prospective birthparents.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

18-20 months

ok, i'm behind. not sure who still reads this anyway. :)

liam's 18 mo. dr. appt went well. he is back down to 30%ile for ht and 20%ile for wt though. he's a scrawny little shrimp!

he enjoyed xmas and seeing all his family. and i mean lots of it. we spent xmas day mostly at the firehouse with his dad. can't get enough of those firetrucks!

today was liam's first day at preschool. i'm sure he misses his old sitter, but she had some unplanned issues pop up. but his preschool was referred to us by another IF support group friend. liam is in class with her 2 girls. he seemed to be having a great time when we picked him up this afternoon. he'll be going 2 days per week.

liam is talking up a storm. he loves to watch "tools" (handy manny) and elmo. i'm trying to teach him about "old school street" - the real sesame street pre-elmo. i bought some DVDs which are way cool.

will try to post a new picture soon.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a picture from september...

18 mo. old today!

so many talents. he seems to learn new words every day, repeating (or at least trying to repeat) just about anything we say to him. he says please and thank you. he loves to look at his books. he loves to ride his bike and can even peddle just a few inches!

had an interesting conversation at work. a patient's mom asked about liam's adoption (after the - i don't remember you being pregnant when we were here last time - comment.) i hope she thinks more positively about open domestic adoption now. and although it came off not so great, her final comment was - i think it's great that you can love a baby that isn't genetically yours. i told her that i thought it was great that people can love their children so much that they give them to people who can't get pregnant. (her point was that too many people have kids who shouldn't. tell me about it.)

anyway, we have lots of fun things planned over the next few weeks, including a party with liam's friends from my old infertility support group. i hear the girls are starting to catch up to the boys in the hair department!

i tried to add a picture, but i don't think it worked.